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Sunday, February 28, 2016

kuradi kurat

tito & the devil's share are working hand-in-claw, and i'm sure that their clawhandiwork + corn chips = more calories than i consumed all day before this, but i can't start my new food routine until tuesday so who gives a winged fuck. seriously wow... the eff-icacy is high.

the point of this post is to mark my use of alcohol to treat emotional symptoms. i'd like to keep track so i can pretend to justify it via its rarity. the last time was dozens of months ago, and i enjoy taking foolish pride in that.

the other point of this post is to do what hypothetica does: i wanna come back to read this later and think, "oh good, i made progress." i wanna look back at this and realize that i'm no longer dealing with that old thing anymore. i wanna breathe a deep sigh of relief and say to myself, "thank goodness that's off my plate, because with these 7 new demons in my life, i really wouldn't've had room to keep the previous one". #allpraisesbetotheflyingspaghettimonsterthing

it's February 28th, 12:50a. today i worked hard at the gym, got a hairscut, ate a nutritious delicious meal that i cooked myself, smoked a beautiful cigar, took a nap, served coffee & dark chocolate to friends & family, hugged my beautiful cousin, spared my current closest friend from most of the vitriol bubbling up from my most recent relational catastrophe, reflected blogfully on my life, and drank just enough to mask my pain.

"how was your day?"

i dealt.