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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

questions why (surprise)

i often disagree with the comments people leave, but i welcome them just the same. i don't expect answers... i always appreciate readers.
  • why is it that others either can't or won't endure the pain that comes with processing and navigating and resolving conflict, while i seem to be unbreakable when it comes to that aspect of life?
  • why do unpleasant feelings motivate others to give up, while unpleasant feelings motivate me to keep trying? and why do people assume that that's a bad trait?
  • why do people assume that my ability and tendency to persist, my choice to not give up, is motivated by something evil or fallen?
  • why do people, when given the option of seeing good in me or seeing bad in me, usually choose bad?
  • why do people choose to live within their limitations, rather than challenging them?
  • why do i feel alone in my life as i challenge the limitations?
  • why do people hate that i am this way?