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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

excellent questions... so juicy.

"What do you believe about security of salvation? Can you lose something you never earned? Is God one to give a gift and then take it back on condition? What does it mean to work out our salvation with fear and trembling? If we are faithful our whole lives and then find ourselves decieved in a moment of torture and we "fall away" is that the point of no return? Are we doomed?" -- bonnie-rabbit

about the security of salvation...
Scripture seems to indicate to me that a person can indeed be cut off and cast into the fire if they do not bear fruit. i do not see this as abandonment, or as something separating us from the love of God. i see it as a choice not to be saved, or the absence of the choice to be saved. my general opinion is that salvation (now that Jesus has already done His part) hinges exclusively on our part. that part is choice, and the choice is to be in relationship with Christ. because i believe so fervently in the power and universality of free will, i cannot see how anyone would ever be kept from choosing to no longer acknowledge that relationship/redemption, nor do i see how anyone who rejected one's own redemption could expect to live as one redeemed.

about losing something never earned...
i don't think it's impossible to lose anything that one has, except one's very self, and who knows what exactly will happen even to that (for some), in an afterlifetime of eternal condemnation?

about God giving gifts and then taking them back, for any reason...
i don't see salvation as something that can be possessed without first being received. it makes sense to me that God could give me something, and i could then get rid of it without giving it back to Him.

about working out our salvation with fear and trembling...
i have absolutely no idea what to make of that mysterious verse. to be fair (to myself, and to Scripture, and to the human author), i haven't yet studied it properly.

about being doomed by 'falling away' after an otherwise faithful life...
i have always, always disliked the metaphors of falling, stumbling, et cetera, because they imply that we did so by accident. sin is never an accident. being deceived, while terribly tragic, is nevertheless a choice we make. no one forces us to be deceived; we choose what we believe. on the subject of torture... what i have learned of myself in 23 years makes me confident (deservedly so? perhaps, or perhaps not) that torture and attempts to deceive would only strengthen my beliefs and choices. however: even if that were not the case, i would never expect the "but the serpent said...!" excuse to carry any weight with you-know-Who. ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Do you think that you have changed much in the past 3 years? If so, how?

not nearly as much as i changed in the 3 years preceding these last three.

i think the biggest changes in me 07-10 have been just been enhancements of the changes in me from 04 to 07.

ask me anything

Friday, February 05, 2010


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0) e jw xwy ciaeivi e lz owuyf biaiculyexg.

9) e jekaesi ey ofix qiwqai jw yfexgk drky ciblrki ey'k yuljeyewx.

8) e laawo qiwqai ofw lui hlzeaelu oeyf zt kexhraxikk yw biaiculyi zt ceuyfjlt ciblrki yfit flvi xw eaarkewxk lcwry zt owuyfexikk yw ci biaiculyij. yfwki qiwqai biaiculyi yfi jlt e olk cwux, ivix sxwoexg yfi ivea yfly owraj flvi ciix quivixyij flj e xwy ciix cwux.

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