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Friday, December 22, 2006


it's finally sinking into me, or vice versa, or perhaps both. all the rituals and/or traditions help, i think...
  • making the iced tea and steamed white rice,
  • the whole family cleaning the house together (every Thursday),
  • lighting the oil lamps,
  • doing laundry,
  • preparing (or having prepared for me) my favorite meals,
  • seeing my favorite people,
  • web-work/movie/snacks/video-games with Ug,
  • going to sleep right as Mom is getting up to go to work,
  • finishing a whole book in one night,
  • playing with siblings
it feels amazing. and that's why i'm finally blogging again.

it rained alot today, so some of the puddles stretch across the entire street, in our neighborhood. the greyness of daytime was perfect for an isaiah like me. the air was perfect too; it's not really a clean smell. it's hard to describe... old leaves (fragrant and kind of musty, in a good way) and... hard to describe.

anyway... i'm thinking about other things right now, so this post isn't very substantial. but it's here, and it feels good to blog here again after almost a month.