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Monday, December 19, 2005



i have enough tonight for dozens of pages... but my energies allow only a few sentences. so thank you for my friends, each and every one, who deserve blog posts of their own. thanks especially for the growth of relationships, like Yours and Caleb's, God. Your work inspires us, and Your work in him inspires me. i see You in Him. i worship You when i think about what You've done and what You're doing in/with him. keep using Him, God, because his heart is becoming like Yours. may He be blessed even more, God, with challenges and tasks and adventures that will make You say "SWEET!!!"

thank you for the love that i am drowning in.


Friday, December 16, 2005

promises to keep

i have plans. i sometimes never follow through on them, but here i am posting them anyways. i want to organize my blog... i almost said 'life' instead of 'blog.' there's so much here about me and my life, it's kind of scary to see the scroll bar for some of the archived months.

i plan to at least change the way this thing looks. i was HAPPY to find my old moon-bathing template the other day, but it needs updating. i think i know what i want, i just don't know how i'll do it yet. and it's going to take longer than this one did, to code it and everything. it'll be worth it, though. i think.

i want to blog... i want to express, to overflow. i just can't right now. i hate that.

good-night, all.

Monday, December 12, 2005

empty and full

my heart, that is. my core. i don't have the energies to speak what needs to be.

perhaps later.

new poem. link on the right, click 'home of the wind'

Thursday, December 01, 2005

you'll tied

so it's December the First. suite. only one more week of school-ness left before an entire month of madness. it's going to be a-MAY-ziiiiiing.

this is more an update that a true Isjami-post, sadly. i have six hours of work to do tonight.
  • talked to professor Heuser (Hoy-zer) last night about my work ethic. it's a really good one, i just never apply it. he said that i'm not alone... he could tell i'm the kind of student that puts things off, knowing they can be done last-minute and still earn high grades. he and i agree that my skills are a blessing and curse. apparently i'm brilliant but lazy (i knew about the lazy part already). seriously, i would give up my brain-power if it meant getting higher grades. what a strange statement.

    i wasn't expecting him to be so friendly. he's genuinely interested in my personality, story, and plans for the future. he wants me to succeed because he really cares how well i do, not just because it reflects on his efforts and ability as a professor. he really respects each of his students, and has the kind of heart i think every teacher should have.

  • Andrew Peterson did a number on me last night. we were up talking life and theology till 3:30a (again), and he pulled out some stuff that made me say, "where did you get that?!" as well as "why didn't i sink of dat?!" so it was awesome. he's been an isaiah to me lately.

  • Heather L. continues to impress and amaze me, though differently now than before. she's beginning to see more clearly, and possibly even respect/look-up-to me as a Christian and friend. i'm proud of what she's doing with her life, and i'm proud of myself for being here to impact that life. which reminds me, i need to praise God for being used in ways i could never have been used without His direct involvement. Hallelujah (that's an imperative, not a Christian cliche)! oh, and Andrew P.'s name goes in this one, as well, since he's been an isaiah to her lately, too.

    (and yes, peeps, i do expect you to look up words from time to time... what? Rybarczyk does it to us all the time. just like Mom used to do. *sigh*)

  • got an A on my What Will Heaven Be Like? paper. planning on teaching Evan, Devon, Caleb, and others everything i know (and some stuff i don't know) about Heaven & Hell when we have the chance.

  • got like 8 hours of sleep last night. WOW.

  • if someone out there insists on getting me something for Jesus' b-day that i can't share or give away, just letting you know i wear a small-size top, and very much enjoy iTunes shopping. these aren't what would make my Christmas amazing, per se, but that's another post for another day later this month.

i seam to have developed a strange taste for misusing homonyms on porpoise.