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Sunday, January 12, 2003

i owe you

Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
Beautiful Scandalous Night
Only You
Be Thou My Vision

untitled song
words and music by Andrew Peterson, Brad Hamm,
and Isaiah Micu
recorded on Brad's camera

A long way home
So far away from here
And as I stare into this life
With all I have inside

To pour out with all my sin,
Terror, and great darkness; I seek
Only to trust, to yield
In the days & moments
Not merely the lifetime
I so wisely chose

I so wisely chose

And I am shaken from thought
And this great longing
That's fruitless from my work
Yet it seems so useless
With nothing left to prove

And nothing left to choose,
Not in the midst of battle for my soul
And those who forfeit theirs

And those who forfeit theirs